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Professional Moving Companies: Reasons Why You Should Hire Them

One of the most stressful events in a person’s life is moving. With so many things to do, organizing a move without the aid of a professional moving company is often overwhelming.


While people think moving on their own is easy, it takes so much more than simply packing and unpacking your belongings. A successful move not only requires reliable labor, but also requires careful planning and coordination.


It is recommended that you hire a professional mover to assist you when moving to a new home, office or business. Hiring professional movers offers numerous benefits. In addition to pre-planning, coordinating the move and packing, professional movers can help you unpack and settle into your new place, while maintaining an efficient and stress-free move. 


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Why Choose A Professional Moving Company?

Finding the right moving company can be a headache because there are so many available. When choosing a mover, a person can get overwhelmed. But most people make mistakes in selecting a moving company that is cheapest, since they pay more attention to monetary quantity than to quality.


Because of this, people hire low-skilled, unprofessional movers, who will most likely make mistakes and may cause damage, or in the worst case, suffer serious injuries during the move.


Additionally, unprofessional movers can make moving into a new place hard by putting items in the wrong rooms. This makes it hard for a new resident to organize their new place.


There is nothing wrong with hiring an affordable moving company — you certainly should pick a moving company that fits your budget. However, if you see listings for an affordable moving company ask yourself, “Are their services worth the cost?””

There are many more reasons to choose a professional moving company. Below we have listed out 21 reasons why you should choose a professional moving company. Let’s explore them.

Professional Moving Companies

1. Peace of Mind

Professional movers know how to navigate the roads safely and how to handle your belongings to ensure their safety and protection When moving day arrives, you can rest assured your things are in good hands.

It is often more reliable to hire a professional moving company rather than trying to move with the help of friends and family. Professional movers receive rigorous training to equip them with the best techniques for moving.

2. Time Savings

Professional movers know the ins and outs of moving. They arrive with the experience required to get you from your current address to your new one in a timely and efficient manner.

3. Accountability

Moving companies are held responsible for your move, making sure that all of your belongings arrive safely at your doorstep. In case of mishaps on the way, you will be able to obtain compensation, which you cannot do if you move alone. If you move without the help of experienced movers, you are responsible for making sure that all of your belongings arrive safely, which can cause additional stress during the move.


4. Decrease Stress

When you move, you have countless decisions to make, not to mention the emotional and physical hassle that goes along with it. Planning for a move, packing, unloading, and unpacking can be difficult, especially if it’s your first move.


If you hire professional movers to handle your move, then they will already have a pre planned strategy in place to address any chaos you may be experiencing. Their goal is to coordinate your move so that it is a hassle-free experience from the moment the first box enters the home to the day the last item is placed in the new home.

Packing Services

5. Packing Services

There is no doubt that packing every item in your house is a monumental task. The question of “where do I even begin?” always plagues one’s mind, which often leads to bad packing and arrangement of belongings, which makes them prone to getting damaged or even lost during a move.


Most professional movers provide full service moving packages, which include packing and unpacking options and have packing materials on hand. Another advantage of getting your items packed by pro movers is insurance. Moving companies usually offer insurance for the goods they pack for you, so even if something gets damaged or lost, you can expect to be compensated.


6. Fast

When you hire a professional moving company, you will be able to determine when your belongings will arrive at your new home. Many companies pride themselves on their prompt, professional service, and by hiring professional movers, you can simplify and expedite the move.


7. Focus on Job

When you have so much to do on your moving to-do list, it can be difficult to focus on everything. This can be particularly troubling since an uncoordinated move can result in damaged or lost belongings.


Therefore, it makes sense to hire a professional moving company that can guide you through the entire moving process and answer all your questions, so that you can focus on your daily tasks.

Professional Moving Companies

8. Cost Effective

People believe that professional moving companies are more expensive. They believe that they can do the move themselves for less money.


Taking into account the cost of renting the tools, equipment, truck and furniture pads, as well as your time and the people you have been helping, as well as the potential for damaged or lost items, hiring a professional moving company is more cost effective than you might think..


9. Efficient

With the help of a professional moving company, your bulky items, such as furniture or heavy boxes, will be moved more efficiently and the contents of your home will be transferred more efficiently to the truck afterward.

10. Customizable Services

Moving needs vary greatly from person to person, so it’s vital to find a professional moving company that provides moving services customized to your needs. Services such as these can range from specific ways you want your items packed, to the specific spot your belongings need to be placed


For example, if you need help packing your fragile or specialty items, be sure to ask your mover about any custom crating services they may offer.


11. Move Coordination

Your move will be worth a lot more if you have professionals guide you.


Since professional moving companies have years of experience, they are great at organization and know exactly what to do at every stage of the move. While you have so many things going on during your move, having one point of contact from the beginning to the end allows you to breathe deeply and concentrate on other tasks.


Professional Moving Companies Professional Moving Companies Professional Moving Companies

12. Hassle-free Operations

Shifting a home is a stressful process from beginning to end. In the event of any major hiccups, you could lose major revenue or man-hours if you do not devote adequate time to oversee the entire process.


It is reassuring to hand over these responsibilities and trust your home’s relocation to professionals who have handled similar jobs for years and years. Since you know issues will be handled professionally as they arise, you can concentrate on things such as keeping track of your belongings and making sure everything is packed correctly.

13. Valuation

In the event of damage or loss to your items during the move, a professional moving company will offer options that can protect you. Insurance options can vary from city to city. As an example, a moving company in Ottawa offers insurance coverage ranging from basic protection to full protection. Understanding your options when receiving a moving quote is essential.


You can refer to this Consumer Affairs Canada topic for more information on moving insurance


14. Professional Inventory Process

Professional moving companies can assist you in taking inventory of everything in your home. By doing so, you will ensure that your belongings reach your new home safely without having to track down each box or item individually.

Professional Moving Companies


15. Negotiable rates

When you hire professionals to move your home or office, you can save a lot of time and money. Many people choose to do it themselves rather than hire professional movers because they feel that professional movers are more expensive.


However, it is wrong. With a professional moving company, you can find out what the rates are, work out a price (to get what’s best for both parties), avoid the loss of man hours, and be sure that all your belongings during the move are insured.

Professional Moving Companies

16. Safety

While it’s tempting to hire inexperienced staff to move heavy and valuable equipment, this is a bad idea because they’ll be at risk for injury if they don’t know how to lift and move objects safely. Furthermore, without knowing how to lift or move things properly, there could be major injuries that require hospitalization – not good!


It is better to hire experienced movers instead of amateurs since they are fully trained in safe moving techniques and proper training practices as well as having experience handling items like these so that everything runs smoothly. This will reduce costs for you while reducing man-hour losses due to accidents as well.


17. No Heavy Lifting

When lifting heavy objects without proper training, back strain and other health issues can occur. If you hire a professional moving company to help you with your move, you can avoid all heavy lifting.

18. Expertise in Long Distance Moves

Moving from one province to another requires special authority for any part of the move. Whenever you move across province lines, it is best to use a trusted, reputable company that is licensed to conduct interstate moves.


Professional moving companies operating long-distance move have the technology and systems to keep your belongings secure throughout the move and make it easier for you to move.


19. Qualified Drivers and Equipment

There are a lot of steps to moving, from ensuring that you have dollies and furniture pads to operating the van liftgate.


When you hire a professional moving company to assist with your move, they will load and carry everything that you own, whether it is heavy or not. Professional movers use the right equipment to make moving seamless. During the entire moving process, professional movers make sure your possessions are secure and your move is hassle-free.

20. Seamless Move Experience

A move doesn’t always have to be cumbersome, but the process can be complicated. Thus, hiring the right moving company will make your transition much easier. Moving companies know all of the pitfalls people encounter during their moves, from how to unpack in their new place to what boxes need to be labeled for storage – so don’t wait until the last minute to choose the one you do business with!


If anything goes wrong during a move, their expert team will be there to help resolve the issue, whether it’s big or small.


21. No Hassle

You must understand the risks and hassles of asking friends or family for help when you move. You will have more difficulty packing your whole house with the help of a few friends than if you hired professionals to pack your boxes and transport them safely to your new home. However, when you have professionals helping you, you don’t have to deal with these issues.

Professional Moving Companies

How to Search For Professional Moving Companies

The easiest way to look for a moving company is the internet. The easiest way to find moving companies in your area is to type in specific words such as “best movers in Ottawa”, “moving companies near me”, “professional moving company in Ottawa” and “professional movers in Ottawa”.Using these search terms will locate moving companies in your area.


Research potential moving companies thoroughly before hiring them so you don’t overpay or hire an unscrupulous company. Check out reviews of various businesses to get a detailed view of what people thought about certain aspects of their service, such as punctuality and speed; read policies before signing a contract.


It is in the best interest of consumers to check with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), which represents professional Canadian and international moving companies. By becoming a member of the association, moving companies must pass a background check and abide by the Code of Ethics.


Additionally, you should check the company’s history with the Better Business Bureau. An unresolved complaint record – especially a recent one – is a major warning sign. Ask relatives, friends, and acquaintances for recommendations of reputable moving companies.


In Conclusion


Moving is a remotely fun experience. Researching moving companies will reveal that prices vary greatly. Finding an affordable moving company is ideal, but make sure the services are up to scratch. To ensure a hassle-free and safe relocation, don’t hesitate to spend a bit more on your move.


If a company appears to be outside of your budget, you can always negotiate prices. It is always recommended to hire the best movers in order to ensure your belongings arrive intact.


Plan ahead and make sure you deal with a moving company that will treat you fairly; You’ll thank yourself when you’re settled in your new home.


Our best wishes go out to you as you relocate and adjust to your new surroundings. And if you’re looking for professional movers in Ottawa who will make your move easier, look no further! Mr. Relokate is a professional moving company that provides engaging and friendly residential and commercial moving services.

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