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Expert Handlers of Specialty Items

Our commitment to ensuring our customers have a hassle-free moving experience is the foundation of our moving service. The way in which we handle our clients’ belongings is guided by this spirit. The specialty item moving team at Mr Relokate Moving and Storage moves everything from towels to ceramic bowls. The items will be packed, shipped, and unloaded correctly so that they may arrive at your new home all intact.

You can, however, expect that our handling of your possessions will depend on their size, fragility, and material. Standard boxes are used to store items like clothing, towels, and sheets as well as pillows, books, and other items that don’t require padding. Meanwhile, breakable objects like plates, glasses, cutlery, and cutlery pieces require extra padding and surface protection.

The specialty items we handle include:

  • Antiques (grandfather clocks, rugs, decorative items)
  • Wood furniture (beds, dining table, chairs, wardrobes)
  • Sports and training equipment (treadmill, golf clubs, foil)
  • Musical instruments (electric guitar, amp, recording equipment, mini-theater television, and sound system)
  • Large recreational centerpieces (piano, pool table)
  • Art pieces (paintings, sculptures, taxidermy art)
  • Fragile/breakable items (china collection, vases, delicate pieces of furniture)

We Keep Your Specialty Items Safe

Over the course of living in your home, you will likely accumulate many material possessions. Specialty items are undoubtedly valuable, especially when they’re either fragile or expensive.

You can trust Mr Relokate Moving and Storage to deal with your specialty items with care. For the past ten years, we have helped families and households move throughout Toronto and become experts at packing and transporting specialty items.

Our services go beyond packing your valuables.

  •      We pack items inside boxes with premium materials that not only contain, but also protect them.
  •      Our moving trucks are designed to keep your belongings upright and stable while on the move.
  •      Items that are not boxed are wrapped in protective fabrics or bubble wrap and secured on the truck to keep them from toppling.
  •      To protect household items that are breakable, we use bubble wrap and partitions or inserts designed specifically to do the job (glasses, plates, bottles, and cutlery).
  •      We add packing peanuts or shredded paper to boxed items that have irregular shapes (e.g., lamps, vases, table centerpieces).

The packing strategy developed by our team could only be developed through years of experience and practical application. Regardless of the materials we use or how boxes are loaded into trucks, we ensure that your belongings are protected from scratches or dents during their journey to your new home.

One Less Problem for You to Think About

Mr Relokate Moving and Storage is your one-stop-shop for all your moving and storage needs. We offer top-notch residential packing and moving solutions in Toronto and the surrounding cities of Etobicoke, Thornhill and Richmond Hill. Moving with us will relieve you of a great deal of stress.

We guarantee the smoothest roads and safest routes for your valuables. When you move to your new home, you can expect to find your belongings undamaged. Your items will be carefully handled by us, especially your specialty items.

Mr Relokate provides the best specialty moving services in Toronto! Let us take care of all your moving-related hassles. When you rely on our superior experience and trusted crew, you will no longer have to worry. Call 437-236-5027 to request a free local moving quote today.

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