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When you’re planning to relocate your offices, don’t handle the heavy lifting. Being an entrepreneur requires you to wear many hats. To be quite honest, packing up cubicles and unplugging computers are not your top priorities. It doesn’t mean, though, you’re ready to hand over your belongings to anyone. You should hire a professional Toronto commercial moving company. We have served more than 10,000 customers with over 10 years of experience.

Not every business is the same. Not every strategy will work for every business. Mr Relokate prides itself on being able to provide companies of all sizes with numerous moving services in Toronto. We can handle anything you need, whether it’s heavy lifting or a delicate touch.

Small Toronto Office Moving

If you are in the process of upgrading your office, we can help. We specialize in the efficient relocation of small businesses with our Toronto office movers. You’ll get back to work and back to making money quickly.

Large Toronto Area Office Moving

The relocation of large companies requires careful planning. You will need a professional team that knows how to break everything down and reassemble it quickly when you have tons of cubicles, desks, chairs, conference tables, computers, and more. That’s what we do at Mr. Relokate.

Toronto Retail Store Moving

Moving your business to a larger location? Changing your business location? Having everything scattered around in a retail store isn’t the best idea. We are experts at organizing commercial moves in Toronto.

Industrial Machine & Equipment Moving

Our team can help you move your old equipment to a new facility or replace equipment in your warehouse. You can trust us to do a great job because we do this regularly.

School & University Moving

Occasionally, we need to update the equipment in college classrooms, public schools, and boarding schools. As this is a large-scale project, our Toronto movers will accomplish it when schools are not in session so that students can focus on learning.

Laboratory & Biotech Relocating

This sort of material requires special handling and care. We are able to safely and securely relocate laboratories and biotech with our gentle touch.

Hotel Renovations

When you are upgrading or renovating your hotel in Toronto, Mr Relokate is the commercial moving company to call. Whether you need old beds removed or new beds and furniture assembled, we’re here to help.

Event Logistics

Organizing large-scale events? Our Toronto commercial movers can help you from start to finish.


Warehouse relocation can be a challenging task. Our professional Toronto commercial moving company is the best in the business whether it’s furniture or endless boxes that need to be transported.

Hiring A Professional Toronto Commercial Moving Company

Moving an office is very different from moving a residential property, which is why we have a team of Toronto commercial movers who know what needs to be done to ensure everything goes smoothly. Having relocated offices, warehouses, and more for over a decade, we know what it takes. There is no point in trying to do it yourself. It is better to leave it to the professionals so you can return to work sooner.

It saves people time to hire our efficient Toronto office movers. Time is money in business. We can actually save you money because you’ll be able to get back to work sooner when hiring us since there are so many other things you could do with your time. By hiring professionals, you will ensure that your furniture and office supplies remain in pristine condition. Attempting to move the equipment yourself may cause serious damage. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Professional packing and organization services
  • Long and short term storage solutions
  • Decluttering and removing trash left behind after moving
  • Putting together or removing furniture, conference tables, office cubicles, etc.
  • Unloading boxes and furniture at your new location after moving with our truck

It’s vital to plan your address change well in advance. Whenever possible, we recommend using a relocation checklist so that you will be able to see exactly what needs to be done. Take inventory and unplug your computers, so you don’t forget the little things. It’s easy to check things off when they are written down, so you are prepared for our top-rated Toronto commercial movers to come in and do the heavy lifting.

Do not entrust your Toronto commercial relocation to just anyone. Not everyone can do this because it requires a great deal of attention to detail. Mr Relokate specializes in Toronto commercial moving jobs. With over 10,000 customers served, we can complete your job quickly and easily.

Toronto Office Moving

Choosing one company over another is often determined by the cost of moving a commercial office to Toronto. Mr Relokate, an affordable Toronto commercial moving company, is committed to providing superior service at an affordable price. Our free quote will be given to you when you call or fill out the form because there are so many different types of businesses. The estimate is based on a few factors, such as how many employees you need from us and how far the two offices are from each other.

Additionally, we consider the type of assistance you need and the types of services you select. Do you need assistance packing? Are you planning to store some items with us? These are all factors in our price estimate. We will give you a free quote based on more information about your company and office if you give us a call or fill out the form. Our Toronto office movers are here to help!

Choosing the Best Toronto Office Movers

Choosing a trustworthy Toronto commercial moving company is crucial because your company is so important. We’re proud to have a 98% customer referral rate, over 10,000 customers served, and over 10 years in business to prove our expertise.  It is always a good idea to keep these things in mind when choosing between different Toronto commercial moving companies:

  • Review their Google and Yelp profiles
  • Verify their licenses and insurances
  • Check out their stats, like how many jobs they do each year
  • Ensure that they’re experienced Toronto commercial movers and not just residential ones
  • Talk to their customer service to make sure that all of your needs will be met

Mr. Relokate’s commercial movers in Toronto are experienced in handling all of your relocation needs!

Call (437) 236-5027 or fill out our form for a free quote today!

What People Say About Our Commercial Moving Services

xBubba TV
xBubba TV
Amazing job! Very honest and reliable! Definitely would recommend
Abiodun Fagbuaro
Abiodun Fagbuaro
Shane and his partner were excellent, they showed up ahead of schedule, packed up and safely transported everything we had, I literally mean everything, nothing was off the table. They offloaded at our new location all within the agreed time alloted, delivering every item into the requested room and location. I'd highly recommend Mr Relokate to anyone looking to move. Super affordable as well.
Frankie Mcbride
Frankie Mcbride
I would recommend this team to anyone who is looking for reliable, helpful, respectful and awesome Movers, they came and did an expectational job i love there work ethic and there attention to keep my item safe and secure. Good job guys.
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson
I was shocked by how quickly they were able to disassemble and load the truck. The price was fair and reasonable. They turned a stressed out experience into a wonderful experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Mr.Relokate. I would DEFF recommend them.
Chris Gonzalez
Chris Gonzalez
Provided an exceptional service, quotes were received promptly and the booking and confirmation process was done very easily by e-mail. They professionally finished the packing on the previous day and next morning the van and moving crews arrived on time and were extremely helpful.
Ruth-Ann Gordon
Ruth-Ann Gordon
Thank you to Shane and David. Talk about EFFICIENT. This is the team to have. They utilized all the time and completed the job far beyond what I could have expected. They did an absolutely fabulous job. Everything from beginning to end carefully wrapped and handled. They are so professional. I appreciated their level of flexibility and work ethic! They were an awesome team. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Mr Relokate. If I ever have to do ANY move in the future I would be contacting Shane! They were punctual, offered all flexible options for what I needed. Very responsive to questions, made my move day an absolute piece of cake. I used to HATE moving, but with this team that Shane has, I no longer dred the task. Their attention to detail, the care with which they handled everything.. EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you so much again! If you can book this team of guys. You will NOT be disappointed!
Timothy Brooks
Timothy Brooks
Cautiously and everything showed up in its unique condition. A portion of our pieces were exceptionally weighty, yet they took care of it impeccably and without protest. Extremely reasonable by they way they dealt with breaks and noon on the bill. Furthermore, they were all truly decent, pleasant movers.
Richard Wolverine
Richard Wolverine
Their estimate of the work and time required were very accurate and the crews were quite happy to work as long as it took to get the whole job done. They also dismantled and loaded the larger items that could not be moved in one piece. I appreciate their service and it ended up with a smile.
Rudy Djangirov
Rudy Djangirov
Good service. Gents showed up on time. Communicated well and did the work promised.



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